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Hey Everyone! 

My name is Annie Basson and I'm from Kent, England (UK). I was born on the 25th November 1999 - making me 18! (Ahhh!!!)

I started blogging at the age of 11 to express myself creatively; I loved creative writing and started my first blog to share my creations - I used creative writing as an outlet (as I was getting bullied at the time), I was advised by a poet - who I met at a poetry class that I was invited to in Year 6 - who told me to "get yourself out there and start a blog to get yourself recognised" (at this age, I wanted to have a career as a published author). I've been blogging for over 6 years now (I'd like to think that I've got experience) but I just write about what comes into my head! This blog - the one you're reading now - was started about 2 years after my first (I started this one after my YouTube Channel "failed" - it wasn't right for me then, and at the minute too (one day I'll start it up again! - and this blog just stuck, it was to fill the hole that was my YouTube Channel, however, my love for my blog soon outranked my YouTube Channel - it just came more naturally to me).

But to say that this blog was created to give me something to do when my channel stopped; I feel that I've done very well - in 3 years I've got more than 47 followers, and in 1 year: gained almost 20 followers (just on this platform: on Instagram, I'm nearing 200 followers) - I've started to use my other social media as marketing and business accounts to share my posts; so far, I haven't done guest posts or sponsored posts - I've just joined Google+ groups and Facebook Groups - they really helped me! But besides that, I've grown my blog on my own (well, I've had helped from my cousin, Megan, too - who has her own blog).

I love trying new things, so my hobbies always change or I get bored of them easily (apart from blogging, it just... stuck!), meaning that there will be a LOT of various things on my blog (if you're a company/business who wants to send me products or just fancy a chat, email me - details on this page). In the past, I've loved Creative writing, blogging (obviously), crafts (like cross-stitch and scrapbooking, too name a few), I've been known to go on random shopping sprees and get random products that I want to try (I'm not too interested in makeup (right now) - I can't seem to find a product that can cover my vein-y, dark circles/under eye bags - and I've come home with £40 worth of makeup, most have been barely used; I'm a teenage girl, who isn't too fond of makeup........ very strange!!!)

On my wonderful space of the internet called my blog (well, "It's Annie!", but I think you know what I mean), I don't really have a so called "niché" but I talk about what I want to/feel I should talk about - I've had random "rants" where I literally type anything, I've had open letters and posts about my anxiety; but I've also had DIYs, reviews and hauls (to name a few). So you'll always see posts about things that I find interesting and that I want to share - I've even got out of my comfort zone and tried new ideas (which - if you know me in real life - then you know how rare it is for me to get out of my comfort zone). This means that there will be something for you on my blog!

I hope that you like what I have to offer and please follow my blog, to keep up to date with posts and all things Annie (me)!

See you soon!
Annie Xxx

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